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Couples Counselling for Depression

What is it?

There are many different types of couple therapy. Our service offers a type that has been developed to help people in relationships where one, or both, partners are experiencing depression. Couple Therapy for Depression involves looking at the way the depression affects you and your partner, and also how the relationship impacts on your mood.
Depression can happen to anyone, however good their relationship. Couple Therapy for Depression focuses on positives as well as difficulties in your relationship. The aim is to support couples to change the way they communicate with and behave towards each other, so that you both can cope better with the depression and offer each other more support.

Why do we do it?

Research evidence shows that Couple Therapy for Depression is effective in improving people’s mood and benefiting their relationship.

The sessions aim to help you to:

  • Understand the depression and its impact on you both
  • Improve the way you both communicate about the problems you are having together
  • Think about ways to manage difficult feelings, thoughts and unhelpful behaviours that are affecting the relationship
  • Identify helpful coping strategies for both of you to manage the stress and to use to benefit the relationship
  • Learn to accept the differences between you both
  • Improve problem solving skills
  • Learn to tolerate parts of your relationship that might be difficult to change

Who is it for?

  • Couples where one (or both) of you are experiencing severe low mood that indicates depression
  • Couples who are willing to work together to think about their relationship as well as the depression

What does it involve?

Couple Therapy for Depression involves both partners meeting with specially trained therapists face to face, in a course of between six to sixteen sessions. These sessions usually last around fifty minutes and are generally spread across a number of weeks.

The sessions mainly involve thinking together and also opportunities to practice new skills such as different coping strategies and ways of communicating. Couples are encouraged to reflect on what is discussed and practice what they have learned between the sessions.

What is required?

  • Both partners willing to work together in therapy
  • Both partners committed to attending sessions
  • Openness to new perspectives
  • Practising tools and techniques away from the sessions
  • Ability to set limited achievable goals to work on during treatment

If you and your partner would like to access  Couple Therapy for Depression you only need to access the service in the usual way, by contacting us on our main number 01225 675150 to arrange an initial assessment appointment. In your initial appointment you can discuss the options for Couples therapy and whether this would be a suitable and appropriate treatment for you.