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Which Course is Best for Me?

 Which Course is Best for Me?

We are all individual and are often affected by a number of different issues. You can book on to more than one of our courses. We suggest that you don’t book on more than one course at a time so you can have time to go over and practice the information and techniques discussed in the groups. Some of our courses run less often so you can speak to one of our practitioners for more information.

Stress and Mood Management

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you feel the smallest thing can bring on big emotions? Do you find it difficult to communicate what you want? Whether it be anger, anxiety, worry etc this course is an overall introduction to how moods can affect us.

Coping with Low Mood and Depression

Do you experience less pleasure in doing things that you used to enjoy? Do you have trouble concentrating on things? Do you have little energy?

Managing Panic and Phobias

Do you have a specific phobia? Do you experience panic attacks? Do you fear your anxiety will keep rising? Are you concerned you will have a panic attack? Do you try to escape or avoid situations that cause you anxiety and panic? Do you fear something bad will happen to you as a result of your physical symptoms eg will I have a heart attack? Do you have health anxiety? Do you fear that you are physically ill? Do you have social anxiety? Do you fear social situations?

Managing Worry

What do we mean by worry? Spending a lot of time and energy thinking about possible negative events that may happen in the future. Do you worry about all sorts of things and have a tendency to think the worst? Does your worrying affect your daily life? Do you feel afraid that something awful might happen? Are your worries stressful and upsetting? Is your worrying uncontrollable?

Managing Unhelpful Eating Behaviours

Do you find yourself stuck in ‘yo-yo dieting’ cycles? Do you feel that you won’t be able to make any changes? Do you spend a lot of time thinking about your shape and weight? Do you fear losing control? Do you exercise to allow yourself to eat? Do you feel guilty after eating? Do you find yourself in patterns of eating when bored, upset, etc? Do you experience strong urges to eat?

Anger Awareness

Do you often find yourself disagreeing with others? Do you flare up quickly but get over it quickly? Do you have trouble controlling your temper? Do you fly off the handle sometimes for no good reason?

Living well with Chronic Pain

Are you affected by a long term health condition or long term fatigue? Are you often making comparisons with what you used to be able to manage? Would you like information on how stress, activity levels and mood may be affecting you? Would you like information on how you can plan to make activities more manageable?

Beating Low Self Esteem

Do you feel less worthy than others? Are you inclined to feel a failure? Do you feel you don’t do things as well as others? Do you feel you don’t have much to be proud of? Do you not feel positive towards yourself? Do you wish you could have more respect for yourself? Do you feel useless? Do you think you are no good?

Managing Sleep Difficulties

Do you find it difficult to get off to sleep, find yourself waking through the night or early in the morning? Is your sleep being affected by your low mood, anxiety or worry? Lack of sleep can really impact our energy levels, stress levels and ability to manage. Do you want to better understand the science of sleep and how it may be affecting you?

Effective Communication and Assertiveness

Do you find it difficult to communicate with others? Do you struggle to express yourself and your own needs? Can you cope with difficult conversations? Are you able to get your message across clearly and effectively? Do you want to learn how to recognise assertive behaviour and communication? Assertiveness can help control stress and anger, as well as improve your coping skills.