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Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Groups

B&NES Primary Care Talking Therapies offers support to a wide range of people with a very diverse range of needs. People’s experiences of mental health problems are unique to their set of circumstances and different groups of people have different experiences of mental health problems that reflect their culture and context. People can face societal challenges that can affect access to healthcare and overall mental and physical health. With this in mind we would like to signpost to the following resources.

If you have struggled to access appropriate mental health support, we would like to address this in any way we can. For example, if language is a barrier for accessing support, we are able to work with an interpreter service.

Useful Resources

  • Black Families Education Support Group Provides learning opportunities rooted in a curriculum exploring Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic culture.
  • Stand Against Racism and Inequality Provides support and education around diversity and racism. Specialises in race and hate based crimes.
  • Bath Islamic Society The only mosque in Bath for all Muslims.
  • Bath Ethnic Minority Senior Citizen Association Provides a space where older members can meet and socialise with people from a similar ethnic background to themselves. They also provide support around housing and welfare issues, as well as offering an outreach programme.
  • Bath Polish Association Offering support for Polish people in the areas of education, housing, law and health care in BANES.
  • BAME and Mental Health Information on how race and diversity can impact on mental health
  • Nilaari A Black, Asian and Minority led charity based in Bristol offering information, support and talking therapies to people from all communities.