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MENtal Health

Warning Signs

Fed-up?      Feeling exhausted?     Overload at work?     Under pressure at home?     Difficulty sleeping?     Feeling more irritable?   Difficulty concentrating?     Is your decision making being affecting?     Find yourself arguing more?      Has your stress reached tipping point?     Don’t want to spend as much time with other people?


How can we improve our MENtal health?

Experiencing these symptoms could be an indication a change is needed. It is important to take action. If we try to ignore these symptoms it can leave us feeling worse.



  • 1 in 4 of us experience mental health problems each year.
  • Only half of men who experience depression have talked to anyone about it.
  • 3 out of 4 suicides are male.

You can take action.


Time for a Mind MOT?

Be Active – burn off that excess adrenaline, get those endorphins going.

Socialise – connect with others, meet with friends or family or widen your social circle.

Get involved in activities you enjoy – learning new skills can boost achievement and confidence.

Discuss problems – with someone you trust to share your thoughts and emotions with, or a healthcare professional.

Mindfulness – being aware of the present moment, including thoughts and feelings, your body and the world around you.


Where to Start?


Feedback from Men who have Accessed our Service

‘Excellent delivery of course. Helpful and informative. Always took time to explain ideas and theories.’

.           ‘Being in a group makes you realise you’re not alone.’

.      ‘Very positive, the therapist helped me to understand the causes of my anxiety which is improving my ability to understand and cope with my emotions.’

.                       ‘I really enjoyed the course and venue. It was relaxed and beneficial.’

.            ‘Very welcoming staff, helpful and good level of empathy. Thanks!’

‘The overall experience has been I believe a positive step forward on my road to a happier life. Was very useful to be able to talk openly about my concerns to someone who obviously understood me.’



Campain against living misterably

Mens Health Forum

Movember Foundation

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Man Up

Huffington Project – Building Modern Men

ANDYSMANCLUB – A free weekly support group for men to discuss their mental health. For more information you can email